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The following scripts are available for production and drama courses. See Rights for conditions of use. All scripts, with the exception of Sunset and The Report (see below), are available from Arbery Books. Payment on this site is through Paypal. Script extracts available on request.

Full-length scroll down for one-act / one-man / one-woman

THE SATYRICON - adult comedy

2 acts

4M (16-45), minimum 5 others (M/F/T/N 18-70)

"An endless journey, with no heroes or villains, no monsters or gods. Just life. In the gutter, not the stars."

A fast, filthy and philosophical comedy for adults (16+) only.

Keep one foot in the present as you step into the past in this adaptation of the 1st century picaresque classic. With author Petronius as narrator, follow three young men on their travels in the Roman Empire, accompanied by a group of present-day Actors who portray the many characters they meet. Very funny, but extreme language, a range of sexual activity and one terrifying scene.

The Satyricon

VOLPONE - comedy

2 acts

17 characters (18-70+, M/F, doubling possible)

"Great pleasure comes from others' hopes destroyed.
The Germans have a word for it - ah, Schadenfreud'."

He's dying to get rich. The language and setting of Ben Jonson's classic satire updated to the 19th century, making the humour widely accessible today. Minor characters have disappeared and Mosca and Corbaccia are now women. Great scope for verbal and physical comedy. (4 stars, Edinburgh Fringe)

Volpone: post to

One-act / one-man / one-woman

ANGEL - one-man drama

45 minutes

1M (40+)

"Did you set out to destroy my faith?"

With an (unseen) young man as his guest, a middle-aged priest is forced to choose between between his belief in God and his sexuality. Intense, poetic.
Angel: post to


50 minutes

3M (19, 30-50, 70) 1 - 4 F (19 - 50, depending on doubling)

"The greatest master of all is Passion"

Young Casanova is visited by an old man who shows him his future. Remembered now for his many love affairs, the 18th-century libertine was also a spy, a banker, a confidant of royalty and more as he travelled across Europe making and losing fortunes before dying in old age and poverty.

Short overlapping scenes illustrate the complexities in Casanova's life. Casanova and Seingalt (the old man) on stage throughout, other characters come and go.

Casanova Dreaming: post to

DEATH ON THE LIDO (aka Tadzio Speaks) - one-man drama

50 minutes

1M (40+)

Death in Venice Revisited

Decades after the events of Thomas Mann's / Luchino Visconti's Death in Venice, the once beautiful youth Tadzio remembers that fateful summer and the impact it had on his life. Intense, moving work that echoes the emotions of the original novella and film.

Tadzio Speaks (Death on the Lido): post to

NOW WE ARE POPE - one-man drama


1M (50+)

"For two decades my body was my temple and I kept it spotless."

On the day of his death cantankerous writer Frederick Rolfe ("Baron Corvo" 1860 - 1913) looks back over his life and imagines that, like the hero of his novel Hadrian VII, he has become Pope. Challenging role; controversial sexual liaisons described.

Now We Are Pope: post to

THE REPORT - drama

10 minutes

3M (M/F, 25+)

"We met all the legal regulations"

A building has caught fire, people have died. Who is to blame for their deaths?

Surreal drama in which the three characters denying responsibility for the tragedy become interchangeable. Winner of the 2018 Pitlochry Festival Theatre Short Play Award.

Pdf script: contact martin@martinforeman.com.

SUNSET - one-woman drama


1F (60+)

"You were faithful, in your fashion"

At the end of the day a grandmother looks back over the ups and downs of her married life. A moving one-woman play for an older actress. (4 stars, Edinburgh Fringe)

There are two versions, one set in the United States, the other in the United Kingdom. The vocabulary is different but the story is identical in both. Pdf script: contact martin@martinforeman.com.



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