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The Report
10 minute play (3 characters)
2018 Pitlochry Festival Theatre Short Play Award

In an anonymous office three people discuss the findings of a report which implicates one - or is it all - of them?

The play received a rehearsed reading at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre in 2018. It is available for professional, amateur and college productions - click link below.

Extract opening scene

Curtain up on THOMSON and McDONALD

THOMSON Bring Evans in.

Exit McDONALD. THOMSON sits in the manager's chair and looks through the papers on the desk.

EVANS enters with McDONALD

THOMSON (cont) Take a seat.

EVANS sits

THOMSON (cont) You've seen the report?


THOMSON You've seen your name.


THOMSON In several places.


THOMSON Do you have any comment?

The Report  by Martin Foreman

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Performing rights

EVANS It was dreadful. More than dreadful. Appalling. Heartbreaking.

THOMSON That's all?

EVANS What more can I say?

THOMSON Do you not accept responsibility?

EVANS Responsibility?


EVANS Why should I?

THOMSON You were the architect.

EVANS One of the architects.

THOMSON The lead architect.

EVANS It was a collegial effort.

THOMSON Your name came first.


THOMSON It was your signature.


THOMSON Your responsibility.

EVANS The studio's.

THOMSON Ultimately yours. You signed.

EVANS We followed standard procedures. We met all the legal regulations.

THOMSON They failed.

EVANS That wasn't my fault.

THOMSON You signed.


THOMSON People died.

EVANS I know.

THOMSON In pain.

EVANS I know.

THOMSON In agony.

EVANS I know.

THOMSON In a blazing inferno.

EVANS I was there. I heard the screams.


THOMSON If not you, who was responsible ?

EVANS Construction is complicated. Many organisations, hundreds of people, had input. We followed guidelines. If there was a problem, it should have been identified. We did our bit. Someone else should have drawn attention to it.

THOMSON Their failure doesn't absolve you of responsibility.

EVANS Responsibility should be shared.

THOMSON Then accept your share. Your colleagues. Your studio. You. People died.

EVANS Do you think I don't know? I told you, I heard the screams. People screaming. Screaming, screaming, screaming.

THOMSON What happens now?

EVANS I don't know. I can't think.

THOMSON You cannot do nothing.

EVANS What? I can't think.

THOMSON A response is needed.

EVANS I can't think. (coughs) I feel ill.

THOMSON People died.

EVANS I know, I know! (a paroxysm of coughing) I can't breathe.

EVANS falls forward on to the desk. McDONALD rushes forward.

THOMSON Get a glass of water.

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