MF 2020
thought-provoking drama and fiction



    Full Length
        The Satyricon
        Volpone a new version

    One Act
        Casanova Dreaming

    One-Man / Woman
        Angel (m)
        Ben and Joe's (m)
        Los Feliz (m)
        Now We Are Pope (m)
        Sunset (f)
        Tadzio Speaks . . . (m)

    10 minutes
        The Report


Performing Rights


        The Butterfly's Wing

    Short Stories
        First and Fiftieth
        A Sense of Loss





What good I could have done the Church! Make me not just a priest, not

even a Cardinal. Make me Pope and I would cleanse the church of the

hypocrites and toads and money-lenders. As Pope I would restore the

Faith to the lands where it was forgotten. Bring order out of the Chaos

that threatens all Europe. Instead of which, I was forced into spiritual

exile. I have always found the Faith comfortable but the Faithful

intolerable, almost every Catholick a sedulous ape, a treacherous snob, a

slanderer, an oppressor or a liar.

Now We Are Pope

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