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Kutabare Gurentai / Fighting Delinquents
(aka Go to Hell, Hoodlums!)

March 2009: This is not a gay movie, but watch out for moments of homoeroticism in this 1960 Seijun Suzuki melodrama. Inappropriately titled in both Japanese and English, it tells the story of Sadao reluctantly returning to the rich family that abandoned him as a youth in order to find his lost mother and finding himself fighting against criminals.

Suzuki directed over 40 B-movies that mostly covered the yakuza and lost youth and this is the first of his in colour. With a fast-moving plot, a full cast of characters covering a wide range of stereotypes and frequent flashes of humour, Kutabare Gurentai is typical of his best.

And the homoeroticism? You could spend the film staring at the lovely Koji Wada as the hero (the picture here doesn't do him justice), but watch out for the old man apparently cruising the handsome youths in the bathhouse, wonder at the two men holding hands as they walk past the nightclub, and ask yourself why a young man has to leap onto Sadao, wrap his arms and legs tightly around him and hold on for so long after the danger has passed...

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