HIV in the Developing World:
Analysis, Design, Development

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AIDS and Men Combat AIDS

photo of MF: Mitamada, Bangkok

The themes that I focused on during my work in HIV in the developing world between 1986 and 2006. My publications on these issues are listed in the bibliography.

Gender, sexuality, sex work

The psychological and socioeconomic context in which people live, their sexual identity and sexual behaviour. Particular focus on men, men who have sex with men, male, female and transgender sex workers.

Uniformed services and conflict

The relationship between the uniformed services and HIV & other sexually transmitted infections. The impact of conflict on HIV and vice versa.

Stigma and discrimination

Analysis of the phenomena of stigma and discrimination, particularly in health care settings.

Access to treatment and services

Patents and their impact on access to HIV drugs. The concept of HIV-related services and social and legal obstacles to equitable services.


Media training, development of media-specific materials on HIV

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