HIV in the Developing World:
Analysis, Design, Development

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The skills I acquired and used while working in HIV in the developing world between 1986 and 2006.

Project design and development

  • Youth participation in reproductive / sexual health
       programming (Thailand)
  • Peer education for the uniformed services (East Timor)
  • Peer education for men who have sex with men
       (East Timor)

    Situational analysis and project review

  • Rainbow Sky Association (Thailand)

    Research and analysis

  • Youth participation in Reproductive Health policies
  • Situational analysis of men who have sex with men
  • HIV and conflict (global)
  • Male clients of female sex workers (Vietnam)
  • Global trends in health policy
  • Sexual partnerships of men who have sex with men in
       Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand
  • Access to services for people living with HIV/AIDS

    Manuals, resources and research papers, writing & editing

    See bibliography

    Seminar / workshop organisation, presentation & rapporteuring

  • Drug use harm reduction programmes (Thailand / Asia)
  • HIV and the media (East Timor)
  • IEC materials in reproductive health (Rwanda)


    English: native
    French, Portuguese, Spanish: fluent
    German, Italian: approaching fluent
    Thai: conversational

    Standard computing skills, including web design

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