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I worked in HIV in the developing world between 1986 and 2006. As a writer and editor for non-governmental and UN agencies, I believe I made a major contribution to our understanding of, and our ability to respond to, the global HIV epidemic.

Non-technical reports for agencies and the interested public

Men who have sex with men / Men and HIV/AIDS (contributor)
Routledge International Encyclopedia on Men and Masculinities,
ed Flood M, Gardiner J K, Pease B, Pringle K, 2007

Sex, Drugs and Young People in the Armed Forces (contributor)
Sex, Drugs and Young People, ed Aggleton P, Ball A, Mane P, 2006

HIV/AIDS and Conflict (contributor)
Human Security Report, 2005

Understanding and responding to HIV/AIDS-related stigma in the health sector (principal author)
Pan American Health Organization, 2003
text extract

Combat AIDS (author)
HIV and the military worldwide (transmission context, epidemiology, conflict, peacekeeping etc)
Healthlink Worldwide / Panos, 2002
complete text

Patents, pills and public health: Can TRIPS deliver? (author)
Implications of international intellectual property rights legislation on access to medicines
Panos, 2002
complete text

Men and HIV in ... (series: co-author / editor)
Overviews of the relationship between men's attitudes and behaviour and HIV/AIDS in seven countries in Africa
Panos (UK) and other organisations, including UNAIDS / SAfAIDS / FLAS / SWAA 2001

Beyond Our Means? (author)
Analysis of the factors restricting access to treatment for HIV/AIDS in the developing world
Panos, 2000
complete text

AIDS and Men (principal author & editor)
Analysis of the relationship between men's behaviour and attitudes and the AIDS epidemic.
Panos, 1999

El Peligro Oculto (co-author)
The impact of HIV/AIDS on women in the Spanish-speaking countries of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
Panos (US) / AGPCS, 1997

The Hidden Cost of AIDS (co-author)
The impact of HIV on demography and economics in the developing world
Panos, 1992

The Third Epidemic: Repercussions of the Fear of AIDS (principal author)
HIV/AIDS and human rights Panos, 1989
complete text

Blaming Others: Prejudice, Race and Worldwide AIDS (researcher & contributor)
HIV/AIDS and race Panos, 1986 rev 1988

AIDS and the Third World (contributor) The first book to examine the extent and implications of HIV/AIDS in the developing world
Panos, 1986, 87, 88

For the public or agencies working with specific groups

Making Sex Work Safe (editor)
Establishing HIV/AIDS Programmes with sex workers
International HIV/AIDS Alliance, date

Between Men: Basic Issues & Developing Programmes (author)
Introduction to establishing HIV/AIDS programmes for men who have sex with men
International HIV/AIDS Alliance, 2003

Guidelines for Counselling Men who have Sex with Men (editor)
Southern Africa AIDS Training Programme, date

Here 2 Stay (editor)
For gay men in the UK where one partner in a relationship has HIV
Healthfirst, 2001


Communication for Development Roundtable Report (author)
Report of November 2001 UN and partners consultation on HIV/AIDS communication and evaluation
UNFPA, 2002
complete text

I have also written many articles and given many presentations on aspects of HIV/AIDS, sexuality, sexual health and communications. Further details are available on request.

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