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A Room To Let Story Older man offers to room to younger August 1982 Capital Gay
newspaper, London

In Sickness and In Health Story one of gay couple contracts unknown disease (written before AIDS was discovered) Jan 1979 Christopher Street magazine, New York

Judy Story Woman in Rio de Janeiro favela tells the story of her life 2002 First and Fiftieth
also 2017 *

Ronnie Story narrator fancies East End lad Jun 1983 Him monthly
magazine, London

Simon's Dinner Party Story Young man for rent torn between rich old host and handsome colleague 1986 Mister
magazine, London
also 1993 A Sense of Loss collection
Straightened Out Story Gay couple with irritating straight brother August 1983 Capital Gay
newspaper, London

Sunday Morning Haiku / waking up in a strange bed / and wishing it was yours Autumn 1978 Gay Journal magazine, London

Suntrap Story Man plots to seduce handsome neighbour August 1982 Capital Gay
newspaper, London

Together Story Crisis for Scots gay couple moving to England 1983 Mister
magazine, London

Touching Up The Bodywork Story Gay man fancies body-building neighbour 1984 Mister
magazine, London

Workshop Dispute Story Homophobia among car mechanics June 1982 The Mancunian Gay
also April 1983 Capital Gay newspaper, London


AIDS reaches the New York Stage Article Theatre overview June 1985 Gay News
magazine, London

The Boys in Brazil Article gay life in Rio de Janeiro 1981 Q International
magazine, London

Classified Information Article Light-hearted view of personal ads August 1983 Him monthly
magazine, London

Drag in Rio Article Carnival in Rio de Janeiro July 1986 Gay Times
magazine, London

Gay South America Article Overview and photographs May 1983 Him monthly
magazine, London

"One evening of love with you" Article Saikaku Ebara (Ihara)'s writings on homosexuality and geishas Spring 1979 Gay Journal magazine, London

Stonewall 79 Article This year's Gay Pride in London early 1979 Q International magazine, London

Plus book reviews in Gay News (London) in 1984, the New York Native in 1985 and 1986 and Gay's The Word Review in 1987.

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