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Martin's first novel (Third House, 1991) charts the course of two days in the life of a gay man in his twenties who is facing a crisis in his current relationship. Interwoven with the tensions between Mark and Robert are Mark's memories of two previous lovers - Gene, an introverted and self-sufficient painter in Paris and Carl, a barman who demanded more than Mark could offer.

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Martin's first collection of short stories (Gay Men's Press, 1993) ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous (The Flying Dutchman to Santa Claus), from gay reality in 1990s Britain to gay life in 1990s Brazil. In the title story Tadzio, the beautiful boy in Death in Venice, relates his silent encounter in Venice with the writer Aschenbach .

Foreman: A Sense of Loss (signed)
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Martin's second novel (1996, reprinted 2009) How do you react when your lover is kidnapped by terrorists and held hostage for over a year? How do you react when you are the man chained to the wall?

In this moving novel, first published in 1996, Andy McIllray in the Peruvian Andes and Tom Dayton in rural England face that reality every day—each reliving his past and each fearful of the future.

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"Sometimes you sit, watch the trains, the sunset, the rain. Sometimes you talk. Tell your story if you've a mind to. Trouble is, memory changes things. Things you want to forget. Things you want to remember that never happened. Happens to everybody. Gets so, nobody's story's true. Not yours, not mine. But it's all we've got."

First and Fiftieth

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