MF 2015
thought-provoking drama and fiction



    Full Length
        Volpone a new version

    One Act
        Casanova Dreaming

    One-Man / Woman
        Angel (m)
        Californian Lives (m/f)
        Now We Are Pope (m)
        Tadzio Speaks . . . (m)

    10 minutes
        The Report

Performing Rights


        The Butterfly's Wing

    Short Stories
        First and Fiftieth
        A Sense of Loss




My first story collection and novel were written from a primarily British gay perspective while my later fiction offers a much broader view of human experience. Throughout, the predominant themes have been desire, love and loss. The perspective is often intense and pessimistic, which I am aware, limits my readership.

Apart from brief forays in youth and middle-age, my involvement in theatre began in 2011. Having acted in comedy and drama on stage and on screen in London and Edinburgh, I am now more often behind the scenes, as writer, director or producer. In 2018 I won the Pitlochry Festival Theatre Short Play Award for The Report. Details of my acting and directing career can be found on

My non-fiction consists primarily of studies of the social causes and consequences of HIV/AIDS across the world in the 1980s-2000s. I also wrote light journalism - travel articles, book reviews, opinion pieces - during this time.

Born in Dundee, I grew up in Edinburgh. My next forty years were spent working across the globe, first as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language, later as a consultant in HIV/AIDS education, briefly as a tour operator. Over the years I have made a home in London, Halkis (Greece), Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, New York and Bangkok.

In 2014 I returned to Scotland, where - notwithstanding the threats of independence and the collapse of civilisation from overpopulation and climate change - I hope to spend the next forty years. After that I have no plans.

Some time ago I set up a Facebook account, which I now consider an unpleasant and unnecessary distraction. As can be seen on the sidebar, I very occasionally post on Twitter. I avoid all other social media.

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